Does Crew stop at the school gate?

We have a guiding question this week – does Crew stop at the school gate? We decided that it definitely didn’t and we wanted to spread kindness far and wide! We have designed and painted wood cookies in class and then this morning we headed out into Norton to hide them hoping our local community will smile when they see them or take one and hide it somewhere else for someone to find and make them smile.

Awesome job Class Five – you have definitely shown kindness today 💕

Mindful Monday in Crew Parsons

We started our crew circle with a funny check in this morning – how are you feeling?

Then we took our crew circle outside for a walk in the sunshine whilst we shared our news from over half term. When we circled back up we shared something we had found out from someone else in our crew – we even had a squirrel want to join our crew!!

What a lovely way to start the week!

Mrs Parsons xx

Walking challenge

This week in our crew sessions we have been promoting walking and discussing the benefits of this. We walk for inclusion, sustainability, health, mindfulness and for friendship. We have loved the sunny mornings, getting outside and walking around our beautiful school grounds then checking out with a word or caption to describe how walking makes us feel. Some of the words used by our Year One children were, ’happy’, ’joyful’, ’calm’, peaceful’, ’lively’ and ’closer to nature’.