Rockpool Explorers!

Last week the children had a wonderful opportunity to explore a real life rock pool. They were able to touch a starfish, hold three types of crab and stroke an anemone. We also learned some amazing facts, the children’s favourite being that the whole in the middle of the starfish is both its mouth and bottom!

How can we save our seas? ♻️

In our first expedition case study, children in the EYFS have been answering the question ‘How can we save our seas?’. To hook the children into this we completed a gallery walk looking at a range of images showing how plastic pollution is damaging our planet and endangering the creatures that live there.

I was amazed at how well the children reflected upon the images, articulated what they saw and how this made them feel. This was the start of a fantastic case study that prompted our children to become activists and make a stand against plastic pollution! Look at some of their amazing posters sharing the message to use our recycling bins to help save the seas!

Collaboration in Crew

Last week when Ros Jones came in to visit she told us about the Peace Window, a beautiful stained glass window in Doncaster Mansion House. She told us that each symbol used in the design represented something from Doncaster’s history. In crew this week we worked together to research what each picture in the Peace Window represented and also found out that the window was made for everyone in the past and everyone today who seeks peace.

Human and Physical Features

Class Five have blown me away today with their Geography skills. We started by thinking about the differences between human and physical features. We worked collaboratively to sort images into the two groups, we kept reflecting and changing our minds the more we went through the construct part of our lesson. Finally we used our learning to identify these features on different maps of Doncaster.

Awesome job guys ⭐️