Sink or float?

We enjoyed learning about floating and sinking in our crew session today. The children made sensible predictions and recorded their findings. Great job, 👏 Mrs Chadwick xx

Sequencing Time

In Class 5 we have been reading Man on the Moon, which is a story about Bob, a man who travels to work on the moon everyday. It tells us what he does and the times he does different tasks. We have worked collaboratively to sequence and compare the times and lengths of time it takes to complete his different activities. Some of us even challenged ourselves to work out the time Bob will have finished his jobs!

Awesome work Class 5,

Mrs Parsons xx

Boat building

As part of Nurseries on going investigations into our current expedition, ”Would you travel by wheels, wings or other things?” This week we are exploring boats. We began by reading the text “The Boy Who Sailed the World” by Julia Green. We have learned about lots of different types of vehicles that move on water including; sail boats, cruise ships, ferries, hovercrafts, submarines and canoes.

We have began to create our own boats from recycled pop bottles, with sails made from recycled paper, just like the boy in our story. The children have independently constructed their boats and secured the sails using play dough. They have then predicted whether their boat would float or sink?

Nursery then tested them in the water tray. Some of the boats floated, whilst others sank as they “tipped”. Some of the words the children used to describe why, they thought the boats had tipped were ; ”Sail is wonky”, ”it’s (sail) too big”, ”it’s not a right shape (sail)” and ”the play dough was too heavy and tipped it”. Great investigations, I’m looking forward to seeing more throughout the week!

P.s. Check out our flashing Torpedo’s too! They are great fun, they light up and glide through the water, lets hope they don’t blow up our boats!

Perfect Predictions

Following on from our picture puzzle this morning we made some predictions based on the front cover. I was blown away with everyones ideas and great effort with handwriting too!

Well done Class 5.

Mrs Parsons x

Picture Puzzle Protocol

I was super impressed with everyone in class 5 this morning. We completed a picture puzzle protocol where we had to collaborate and use our communication skills to talk about all of the different pieces of the puzzle in turn and see if we could work out what the mystery image was.

We discovered it was the front cover of our new text – Man on the Moon.

We are looking forward to finding out what it is all about and seeing if our predictions are correct!

Awesome job class 5 xxx

Yoga … with an astronaut!

It’s Tranquil Tuesday today and we spent our time in crew doing some yoga. We used a Cosmic Yoga video with Jaime on Earth and Samantha Cristoforetti on the International Space Station! It was a relaxing way to start the day and get us all in the green zone!

Crew Parsons’ wanted the link to do it again at home, so here it is!

Great job today Crew Parsons xx

Vocabulary Magpies ✏️

We are getting ourself back into our latest case study by thinking about what aliens could look like. We started off with lots of alien images and we had to find partners in our classroom to describe the alien to – we discovered we were needing to use lots of adjectives!

After that we designed our own aliens using our favourite features from the ones we had been describing. Next, we did a gallery walk where we added lots of vocabulary around the aliens to help our friends with their writing description later.

Crew and writing rolled into one! What a great start to our new half term.

Well done class 5, Mrs Parsons xx

Mindful Monday in Crew Parsons

We started our crew circle with a funny check in this morning – how are you feeling?

Then we took our crew circle outside for a walk in the sunshine whilst we shared our news from over half term. When we circled back up we shared something we had found out from someone else in our crew – we even had a squirrel want to join our crew!!

What a lovely way to start the week!

Mrs Parsons xx

Walking to school challenge

We have had a really fun week walking to school and completing our daily mile challenge. Well done everybody for your incredible effort. We have earned some lovely stickers, biscuits and juice. Freya has received a special certificate for walking to school every day all the way from Askern. Well done Freya.