Key Stage 1 Crew Challenge

Our KS1 crews took part in a Humpty Dumpty crew challenge to mark our Norton Campus science week. We investigated materials to see which one would make the best jacket to protect Humpty Dumpty when he fell from the wall. After investigating the materials we voted for the ones we thought would offer the most protection. We also discussed how we could make the test fair and made predictions for the results.

NIS – Poetry Jam 📚😊

Over the past few weeks the children have been learning poems in our ‘Tranquil Tuesday’ crew sessions. This afternoon we all performed our poems to one another. The children were amazing! It was so lovely to hear lots of poems and to see so many happy faces 😊 . Well done everyone!

Somebody Swallowed Stanley!

In Crew Goodyer this week, Class 6 brought their Somebody Swallowed Stanley work in to share with Class 5. Class 6 were so proud to share their character plans, story maps and read their alternative stories aloud confidently. Class 5 offered some great critique, praising their crew mates and sharing ideas for how to make their work better.

Producing beautiful work Class 6

The children in Class 6 are incredibly proud of their animal fact files and the art work they have produced for our final product. I was so impressed with their focus, enthusiasm, positive attitudes and the progress everyone is making.

Keep up the great work Class 6.

Ready, Steady, Read! 📕

Over half term the children took part in a sponsored reading event in partnership with Usborne Books. Their challenge was to read as much as possible and in an unusual or exciting place. We have loved sharing their photographs and Miss Tunney chose Pippa Evans as the winning entry. How exciting to read in the cockpit of a plane!

We feel extremely grateful to the children and their families for raising a phenomenal £3303!

This money will be used to buy new library books for our schools. Thank you so much!

What is Mental Health?

We had a focus on mental health in our assembly this morning. We thought about who we could talk to if we were struggling and we made pledges of something we would do this weekend to make our minds happy.

I can’t wait to hear about what you did next week!

Mrs Parsons xx

KS1 Community Meeting

We had a great community meeting this morning! We have been thinking about our feelings and using our zones of regulation in our wise Wednesday sessions, so today we decided to think about how we could get ourself or others more into the green zone. We played charades and Mrs Parsons says!

I was so impressed with the confidence of all of our little actors!

We even managed to celebrate our brilliant basketball team who took part in a tournament at Campsmount yesterday.

Mrs Parsons xx