Class 1 went to Squirrel Wood 🪵 🐿

Our new key text is ‘The Gruffalo’, so it was perfect having a visit to Squirrel Wood. We went on a Gruffalo treasure hunt…

We used our team building skills to build habitats for the animals in the Gruffalo…

We used clay to make some Gruffalo art…

We had fun around the fire pit. We ate popcorn and drank warm apple juice. We were amazing at following the fire pit rules…

The children behaved impeccably and we are very proud of them! A fun time was had by all! 😁🐿 xx

Sunflower Fun 🌻

The children have loved picking the sunflower seeds from the head of the flower. It was great for our finger muscles! 😁 We are keeping the seeds and will plant them in the summer term 🌻☀️

What is Crew?

Class 1 have been thinking about what crew is. They came up with some beautiful answers…

Crew is making someone a picture. Crew is pushing in the chairs so no one falls over. Crew is getting smart together. Crew is tidying up as a team. Crew is playing together and never leaving anyone alone. Crew is helping someone if they are sad. Crew is being kind and praising each other. Crew is being happy.

Here are some photos of us being Crew ❤

Phonics superstars 🌟

The children have absolutely blown me away in our phonics sessions this week. Here we are hard at work writing our new graphemes..

Well done Class 1 👍 xx

First week back in Class 1 🌟

What an amazing start to the year! There has been lots of smiles and laughter 😃

We’ve had fun in our reading area…

We’ve built some incredible models…

We’ve baked some jam tarts 😋

We’ve done some colour mixing…

It’s safe to say we’ve been busy! I have no doubts that this is going to be a happy year for us all 🥰😊 xx


The children in Reception had great fun taking part in our sports day this morning. We would like to say a huge well done to all of them. They showed amazing support for one another and behaved impeccably. We are very proud of them all!

Painting, building and working together 😁

We’ve been getting creative with the paints…

We’ve made some super models in our construction area.

We’ve been working together in maths looking at representing numbers up to 10.

We have enjoyed den building outside 😀

Thank you for working so hard class 1! You are all amazing! 👏 xx