Class Two Field Work to Squirrel Wood

Today Class Two completed their field work at Squirrel Wood. The theme of the visit was one of our favourite stories, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. This is a key text in our current expedition case study titled ‘What do you see if you take a stroll through the deep dark wood?’

Here’s what we got up to…

We started the day with a short bus ride to Squirrel Woods. It was very exciting sitting with our friends. Once we had arrived we walked to a clearing in the woods where we would complete our activities.

Our first activity was a scavenger hunt. Our task was to search for things that could be the body parts of the Gruffalo such as his ‘terrible tusks, terrible claws or terrible teeth in his terrible jaws!’

Next, we discussed the different habitats of the animals in the story. Our challenge was then to recreate them in the woods. Look at our fantastic Gruffalo dens, treetop and log pile houses.

After that it was time for a snack break with warm popcorn and apple juice. We circled up around the fire pit and watched as the flint and steel created a spark to light the fire. It was very exciting watching, listening and waiting for the corn kernels pop.

While we were eating our snack some children volunteered to have a go at using the flint and steel to make a spark.

After this it was time for our final activity which was the one the children loved the most… using clay to make our own woodland creatures! Some children decided to press their clay against a tree to create a face which they then added features too. Look at our amazing work!

Before we knew it, it was lunch time. So we finished off our fieldwork with a picnic in the sunshine.

What a lovely day full of great memories, happy children and fun in the woods.

Owl Adventures

We have been really lucky to have an owl expert visit our school. The children were able to find out lots of information about owls and other animals. They were really excited to get to see the creatures close up! What a wonderful experience for our Foundation Stage children!

Crew time celebrations!

Our Class 2 Reception children had a wonderful time watching and taking part in activities with the amazing Mr Dan! What a lovely way to round up all the great Crew activities that our children have been taking part in.

Class 2 take part in National Read a Book Day

Today in Class 2 we enjoyed sharing lots of stories together to take part in National Read a Book Day. I chose Pass the Jam Jim by Kay Umansky and Mrs Lowe read Sometimes I Feel Sunny by Gillian Sheilds. We share stories, rhymes and non fiction books in our classroom every day, but today it felt extra fun knowing there were lots of people all over the country making an extra effort to enjoy reading today. I wonder what books you enjoy reading? 📔🙂


The children in Reception had great fun taking part in our sports day this morning. We would like to say a huge well done to all of them. They showed amazing support for one another and behaved impeccably. We are very proud of them all!

We completed our final expedition!

This week the children in EYFS were presented with the final product from their last expedition of this year ‘We’re on the Move: Would you travel with wheels, wings or other things?’ The jigsaw is a photograph of the children taking part in one of their hook week activities exploring the vintage London bus. Children now have a lasting legacy to help them remember their experiences over the last term and we love these photographs of them completing them at home.

5 4 3 2 1 Blast Off! 🚀👩‍🚀👨‍🚀

This week in reception we have been reading ‘Whatever Next’. In the story Baby Bear makes a rocket and takes off to the moon. In our crews we decided to build our own rockets using various materials. The children demonstrated great team work skills and had some amazing ideas…

They worked so hard we decided to reward their efforts with a biscuit in the sunshine 🌞 Great work reception 👏 👍 😀

EYFS Expedition: Water Transport ⛵️

This week in our expedition we have been exploring transport that works in water. We read nonfiction books that provided more information about different types of boats and how these have changed over time.

The children then used their creative design skills to make boats out of bottle tops and other materials. The challenge was to make their boat float and investigate how to make it move across the water. There was brilliant collaboration between the children and many exciting boat races taking place!

Skipping into the half term 😄

We celebrated some of our wonderful children’s achievements in our community meeting this morning. We have shown kindness to others, worked hard in phonics and have been challenging ourselves. Noah enjoyed sharing his football medal. 👏

The children are amazing us with their efforts in writing and have written some imaginative stories. We have also enjoyed lots of outdoor learning in the beautiful sun shine this week.🌞 Thank you for all your hard work and for making us smile xx