Rockpool Explorers!

Last week the children had a wonderful opportunity to explore a real life rock pool. They were able to touch a starfish, hold three types of crab and stroke an anemone. We also learned some amazing facts, the children’s favourite being that the whole in the middle of the starfish is both its mouth and bottom!

How can we save our seas? ♻️

In our first expedition case study, children in the EYFS have been answering the question ‘How can we save our seas?’. To hook the children into this we completed a gallery walk looking at a range of images showing how plastic pollution is damaging our planet and endangering the creatures that live there.

I was amazed at how well the children reflected upon the images, articulated what they saw and how this made them feel. This was the start of a fantastic case study that prompted our children to become activists and make a stand against plastic pollution! Look at some of their amazing posters sharing the message to use our recycling bins to help save the seas!

Dear World…

Today the children in EYFS had a wonderful time going to the Junior School hall to listen to children in Years 3 and 4 sing Dear World. This song was written by Key Stage Two children in their previous expedition that explored the importance of looking after our planet.

In their current expedition the children in EYFS are learning all about sea conservation and the need to recycle plastic waste so it was a perfect opportunity to listen again to Dear World and the poignant message it has. Thank you to the Junior School for a fantastic performance, the legacy of your beautiful work lives on!

What happens where the sea meets the shore?

We’ve had a great first week back hooking into our summer term expedition titled ‘What happens where the sea meets the shore?’.

We have been reading Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae and learning some really interesting facts about lot of different sea creatures. Did you know that an octopus has three hearts and blue blood? The children in Class Two do!

This stimulated lots of exciting discussions about how we could immerse our classroom to represent out new expedition. The children chose to make an octopus along with lots of other sea creatures! Beautiful work Class Two!

Finding the magic in science…

This week in reception the children have been scientists. We have been learning about how things grow and how we care for plants. We planted our very own cress seeds. It’s been great watching them grow…

We wanted to find out about how plants absorb water. We carried out the ‘celery colour change’ experiment. We discovered that tiny tubes transport the water and it moves up into the celery.

Finally we investigated things that change state. We made predictions about things that melt and things that won’t melt. The children enjoyed passing around the ice and feeling it changing state. The excitement continues tomorrow when we will be melting chocolate and making something yummy!

NIS – Poetry Jam 📚😊

Over the past few weeks the children have been learning poems in our ‘Tranquil Tuesday’ crew sessions. This afternoon we all performed our poems to one another. The children were amazing! It was so lovely to hear lots of poems and to see so many happy faces 😊 . Well done everyone!

We are mathematicians!

Here is a gallery of photographs demonstrating some recent mathematical thinking by the children in Reception. We have been completing tasks such as sorting objects by different criteria, ordering numbers correctly and exploring numbers 6 to 10 discovering how they are composed of five and so many more. The children demonstrated this knowledge using multilink cubes of different colours. Well done Class Two, you are working so hard!

Once Upon a Time…

During the spring term children in the EYFS took part in a learning expedition titled ‘Once Upon a Time’ answering the question ‘Who is hiding in the pages of this book?’ The children explored many traditional fairy tales and completed activities all about the characters and events in the books.

Yesterday the children presented their learning to their parents and carers. They explained the key learning that took place, shared photographs of the activities they took part in and sang songs about the stories. We also shared the children’s learning journals looking at the beautiful work they had created.

Finally, the children were presented with a story book to take home that they will keep as a lasting legacy of this expedition. Inside the book is a QR code that leads to a video of our EYFS children performing a song titled ‘Watch Out for the Troll‘. Well done Class 2, you are working so hard and getting so smart!