Bird Feeders.

As part of our expedition of “What do stories tell us about Autumn?” The Nursery children have been thinking about wildlife and how the birds will feed as the weather changes. Nursery have made their own bird feeders using their fine motor skills, threading cereal onto pipe cleaners. We then hung them onto the trees and bushes around Nursery. During our Thoughtful Thursday Crew we have also examined bird seed and filled up see through bird feeders to hang in Nursery’s garden, so we can watch the birds feed.

Community Meeting

We are so proud of all our crew champions this week. It was lovely to hear about all the wonderful things they have been doing in crew the have led to their friends and crew leaders nominating them for our special award.

Crew Champions

We launched our brand new crew champion awards in our Community Meeting today! It was lovely to hear crew leaders and children talk about each others howls and character traits.

Well done to our first group of recipients including our Miss Tinker!

We are looking forward to next week already!

Mrs Parsons xx

Mindful Monday

We started our week with some yoga. Kate said it made her feel ready for the week, Ava said it was a little bit tiring and Henry said it made him ready to learn!

Great job everyone,

Mrs Parsons x

The Paper Dolls

After some of us listened to The Paper Dolls we decided we wanted to make our very own paper dolls. We talked about what kinds of things connect our crew just like the paper dolls!! I was really impressed with everyones resilience because we soon discovered making paper dolls is fiddly business!

Mrs Parsons xx

Does Crew stop at the school gate?

We have a guiding question this week – does Crew stop at the school gate? We decided that it definitely didn’t and we wanted to spread kindness far and wide! We have designed and painted wood cookies in class and then this morning we headed out into Norton to hide them hoping our local community will smile when they see them or take one and hide it somewhere else for someone to find and make them smile.

Awesome job Class Five – you have definitely shown kindness today 💕

Our classroom 💛

We have spent the morning talking about what we want our classroom to look like, sound like and feel like. The coloured dots represent the each child’s main priority. Interesting to see what is important to each other so that our classroom works for everyone!

Great job class five xx

Crew Challenge ⛓

This morning we had the challenge of making the longest paper chain in our crews. We could only use two pieces of poster paper, tape and scissors. We had to work really hard to communicate and work together. We all did a great job and surprisingly all ended up with the same length paper chain!

We are looking forward to our crew quiz tomorrow – I wonder who will win – Crew Tinker, Crew Goodyer or Crew Thurman?

Mrs Parsons xx