Human Rights

We spent our Mindful Monday crew thinking about human rights. We had a chat about the difference between wanting something and needing it. We discussed what our rights are as a human and we learned that in some parts of the world people are not living with access to their basic human rights. We are eager to spend some time in crew thinking about how we can make a difference to these people.

Wise Wednesday

Our guiding question in crew today was ’What makes a good friend?’ We thought about Andy and Woody, Lilo and Stitch and Mr Bean and Teddy and what made them such good friend. Then we worked together to sort different scenarios into whether they were things that would make us a good friend or a not so good friend.

We finished off with reading The Selfish Crocodile – maybe you would like to watch it again?

Our check out was sharing what makes us a good friend – we felt really proud hearing our friends say such lovely things about us.

Team work makes the dream work . . .

This morning we had an awesome crew session! We challenged ourselves to build the biggest tower we could – it was tricky.

Next, Mrs Parsons challenged us to work as a crew to build a line that stretched from class five all the way to Mrs Smith’s office! We had to communicate and really work hard together. Eventually we made it!

Crew Parsons really can do anything!