Tuesday Reading Crew

Today Nursery Crew’s were each read a different story, The Magic Porridge Pot and The Wizard of Oz. The focus was to practise listening very carefully to understand and recall who the main characters are, what problems they encounter and how they solved the problems.

Crew Winkley and Crew Mortimer swapped crew leaders at the end of each story to question the children’s understanding and for each crew to explain to us what had happened in the alternate story. The children listened very well and were able to recall events and characters in detail! Well Done Nursery next week we will swap stories and practise again. Beautiful communication and listening skills – great work!

Football Logos

Class Five are looking to the teacher versus parent community football match! (Keep your eyes peeled for more details about it coming soon!) We have been busy designing and voting for logos for our teacher football kit!

Awesome job class five ⚽️

Crew champions

Our Key Stage One Crew Champions were very happy to receive their certificates this week. Some wonderful examples of Being Kind, Working Hard and Getting Smart. Well done Key Stage One!!

Incredible Artists

We have been working really hard this week to learn as much as we can about Doncaster Mansion House. Not only have we been learning about why it is such a significant landmark in Doncaster but we have been creating beautiful artwork of it too. We began by looking at the building as artists and working out what shapes we could see, what the distinguishing features are and discussing what techniques we could use in our own artwork. We worked collaboratively too, to complete a jigsaw of the Mansion house. That forced us to look carefully at the building again and learn about the shapes and lines we are going to need to create our pieces. We all then began our first drafts – we ended the session with a gallery walk to begin to critique our work so far.

I’m looking forward to seeing the final drafts! Well done Class Five

Collaboration in Crew

Last week when Ros Jones came in to visit she told us about the Peace Window, a beautiful stained glass window in Doncaster Mansion House. She told us that each symbol used in the design represented something from Doncaster’s history. In crew this week we worked together to research what each picture in the Peace Window represented and also found out that the window was made for everyone in the past and everyone today who seeks peace.

Immersed in Plastic Pollution.

Last week Nursery began the week by being literally immersed in plastic pollution. They came into Nursery to litter scattered all over their beautiful environment, (inspired by our primary text “Harry Saves the Ocean” by NGK) which they had helped to decorate during the hook week of our latest expedition “ What happens where the sea meets the shore?”

The children sat for register and Crew amongst the rubbish, as planned for them to understand how the sea creatures must feel in our oceans. A few of the children commented during their crew session (whilst being asked about their feelings) about; “Feeling sad because of all of the trash”, “It’s like a bomb’s hit!”, “All of this plastic makes me feel sad” and “I feel angry, because of all of this rubbish- Who’s made this mess?”

We talked about how we could help to make this better and the children suggested “Put it in the bin” and “Recycle it”. So we did… the children helped to recycle the pretend rubbish into various recycling boxes.

Later in the week the children explored freeing see creatures that had been caught in plastic and trapped in ice. The elation the children felt after they had freed the creatures was a joy to see, as they were so empowered to help. They enjoyed the activity immensely.

Nursery ended the week on a high by pretending to be sea creatures during a physical activity session with Coach Ellie who kindly came to visit us. The children had to move in a variety of ways like sea creatures and work collaboratively in teams to win games and collect “food” for their group. They all had lots of fun and there was lots of laughter.

Beautiful work! Well Done Nursery – We certainly understand what the problem is in our oceans.