What is Mental Health?

We had a focus on mental health in our assembly this morning. We thought about who we could talk to if we were struggling and we made pledges of something we would do this weekend to make our minds happy.

I can’t wait to hear about what you did next week!

Mrs Parsons xx

Celebrating Chinese New Year.

The week commencing 05/02/24 Nursery were exploring their latest text within our expedition Once upon a Time – Who is hiding in the pages of this book? We were looking a comparison of the traditional tale of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, through a text titled “Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas” by Natasha Yim. This story is a celebration of oriental culture made accessible to children through a traditional tale. The Children really enjoyed learning about the differences between the bears in the story, Goldy Luck and Goldilocks and the Chinese culture overall, which made great links for the celebration of Chinese New Year.

Goldy Luck, Mr and Mrs Chen had rice porridge known as Congee in their adaptation of the story, so the children played and investigated rice in the sensory tray. They filled red containers and and practised picking up Pom poms with chop sticks building their fine motor skills in our finger gym.

We then researched Panda Bears by looking at non fiction texts in our Tuesday Reading Crew using the text “ A Book of Bears” by Katie Viggers. The children learned where Pandas come from, where they live, what they eat and what they look like. We used this information and other stimulus to produce beautiful artwork of Panda faces.

Children experimented with Chinese dining within our role play area, sitting on floor cushions and using tweezers and chop sticks to eat pretend noodles in their role play. Nursery also had a Chinese food tasting crew on Thoughtful Thursday, during which they tried a number of new foods including noodles, Sweet and Sour Sauce and Prawn Crackers. Most of the children liked the noodles 🍜 and had second helpings. Some of the words used to describe the sweet and sour sauce were “Spicy”, “Tingly”, “Sweet” and “Hot”.

Nursery explored traditional Chinese dress and took part in their own traditional street parade. The children split into two groups and played a range of instruments and took turns to march and dance, exploring various levels in pairs using Chinese dragons. What beautiful work they produced!

Throughout the week children created various paintings of a Chinese theme including dragons and lanterns as it is officially the year of the dragon, 2024. This got us thinking about the year of the children’s birth which was for most the year of the Rat or some the year of the Ox. We watched of short video/puppet show about the ancient myth of how the Chinese calendar came to exist and the order of the animals by year. The children took part in an online tutorial modelled by myself to draw a rat 🐀, representing the year of their birth. The results were awesome, we have some budding artists.

Exploring and embedding Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Over the past week Nursery have explored and embedded our story of the week “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” The children began the week by being fairy tale detectives, as someone had been into Nursery over the previous weekend and broken our dollies chair, bed and left their empty food bowl laying around. The children were very excited and outraged by this, they had lots of different ideas of who this could be including; “the Troll”, “A big mouse”, “the Gruffalo”, “a bear” and “Goldilocks” herself.

Nursery played in oats, experimenting with filling and emptying containers of three different sizes, using small, medium and large spoons.

They explored and sorted hard and soft materials.

Using their maths skills Nursery measured the Three Bears using unifix cubes and worked hard to count how many cubes tall the bears were, using their fingers to encourage careful counting and 1-2-1 touch counting. The children revisited and used our key vocabulary Large, Medium and Small to describe Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear.

As part of our Thoughtful Thursday Crews Nursery followed an online drawing tutorial, following step by step instructions and modelling from myself of how to draw a bears head. Our 30 hour children extended this activity to add the bears body using their own imagination.

As part of Flexible Friday Crew, the children all tried Porridge 🥣. For some children this was a new experience for others it was an alternate way to eat their porridge, as we had the option of either Golden Syrup or Sugar with our Porridge. Some children like “Jam”, “Nuts, raisins and Honey”, “Nutella”, “Raspberries”, “Blueberries” and “Strawberries” with theirs at home.

Finally to consolidate and bring all of our learning to life, Nursery took part in mini role plays of the story in front of their peers and grown ups. This takes a lot of confidence and most of the children enjoyed and were willing to take part in the experience using lovely story language. Well Done Boys and Girls! You’re all “Go for it Gorilla’s” and superstars!

KS1 Community Meeting

We had a great community meeting this morning! We have been thinking about our feelings and using our zones of regulation in our wise Wednesday sessions, so today we decided to think about how we could get ourself or others more into the green zone. We played charades and Mrs Parsons says!

I was so impressed with the confidence of all of our little actors!

We even managed to celebrate our brilliant basketball team who took part in a tournament at Campsmount yesterday.

Mrs Parsons xx

Life skills – Zipping!

Nursery have been working hard over the past couple of weeks to fasten their own zips on their coats. At first, the couple of children who could already do this, helped their crew mates to practise. Then more and more children rose in confidence to have a go and resiliency to keep on trying! Well Done Nursery, we now have a long list of children who can do this all by themselves!

Thoughtful Thursday

In crew today we checked in with something we have enjoyed so far this week. It was great to hear the variety of activities that everyone is enthusiastic about from singing assembly and reading sessions to learning about food chains and playing emotions corners.

We shared and celebrated some of the work we were most proud of and made pledges for the week ahead. Well done Crew Goodyer keep up the great work and never loose that enthusiasm for learning.

Crew Thurman

It’s been a busy week in Crew Thurman – we have been busy preparing for our Student Led Conferences next week – we are looking forward to sharing them with our grown ups.

We spent Flexible Friday playing games – we thought it was a great end to the week!

We are looking forward to next week already,.

Mrs Thurman 😊