Headteacher’s Award

Well done to the children who have been nominated by their class teachers to receive Miss Tunney’s Headteacher’s award this week. They have been working incredibly hard, being kind to their classmates and enjoying their learning.

More Expert Visitors!

We had a visit from the school nursing team this afternoon who gave us information and food for thought to help us answer our guiding question: ‘How can I be the healthiest version of me?’

Magic Mathematicians

Class 6 have been working incredibly hard in maths this week. They started by measuring in cm and m and demonstrated great collaboration when checking each others measurements.

They then moved on to solving problems to do with measures using all four operations to help. Once again they worked with their partners, sharing ideas and explaining their reasoning.

Great work Class 6!

Planting Bulbs

The children have really enjoyed planting their bulbs this week. We are learning all about how to take care of them 🌸🌻🌷

Problem Solvers 🔎

We have been busy this morning solving problems to do with measures. We have had to use all four operations to help us – some of us even used the inverse to check our answers!

Vocabulary Spies!

I am so impressed with the vocabulary I have heard around our class this morning. We began looking at the front cover of our new core text – The Green Ship. We created collaborative graffiti walls of all of the descriptive vocabulary we could think of to describe the front cover. After that our vocabulary spies were let loose to go and magpie some ideas from the different groups.

Our end product of the lesson was an awesome anchor chart of vocabulary for us to use in our writing this week – I’m looking forward to reading what you produce class five.

Mrs Parsons xx

Measuring in metres

We have been building upon our prior learning this morning – using centimetres and metres to measure objects around our school.

Super job Class Five,

Mrs Parsons xx