Kindness changes everything 🌟

This morning in crew we discussed what being kind looks like. We each thought of something that we had done this week that showed kindness to someone else. We wrote down our acts of kindness onto leaves and put them onto our crew kindness trees. I think we may need to make bigger trees because of all the kind hearts we have in Class 1!

Leap Day 🐸

We made a Leap Day time capsule in class today not to be opened until February 29th 2028 – when we are in year six!

We included notes to our future selves. pictures and photographs – and made Mrs Parsons add it to her calendar so she doesn’t forget to give them to us!

Run, Run, As fast as you can….

Nursery have been working hard baking something scrumptious today! Can you guess what our story of the week is?

We hope they don’t run off before we have the chance to decorate them….

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes.

During the week commencing 19th February Nursery celebrated Pancake day through the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancake’s by Jan Fearnley, linking to our expedition by immersing ourselves in Fairytale characters. This story is an alternative view point of Mr Wolf’s behaviour, as he is portrayed as a kind, polite and reasonable character, whilst the other fairytale characters are not being very kind to him as wouldn’t help him in any way to make pancakes, even though he was being kind and polite to them.

The children thought about their own experiences of Pancake Day at home and shared those special memories, thinking about whether or not they were helpful to their families?

Mr Wolf needed a recipe to help him make the pancakes, so Nursery investigated what a recipe is? They shared the recipe for the pancakes during reading crew and looked at the ingredients and equipment needed to make pancakes, just like Mr Wolf. The children then worked in small groups to make pancakes and could choose from various toppings including, Orange and lemon juice, sugar, syrup, honey and chocolate spread. Nursery surprised everyone and tried new things on their pancakes, many choosing Honey. They were yummy!

Nursery also role played the story, working in Old Mother Hubbards Shop and creating pancakes in the play dough and outdoors. Great work!

Ready, Steady, Read! 📕

Over half term the children took part in a sponsored reading event in partnership with Usborne Books. Their challenge was to read as much as possible and in an unusual or exciting place. We have loved sharing their photographs and Miss Tunney chose Pippa Evans as the winning entry. How exciting to read in the cockpit of a plane!

We feel extremely grateful to the children and their families for raising a phenomenal £3303!

This money will be used to buy new library books for our schools. Thank you so much!

Working hard in class 1 🌟

The children have enjoyed being back with their friends, making models, sharing stories and learning together ❤

This week the children in Reception have been exploring the story Mr Wolf’s Pancakes by Jan Fearnley. The children then enjoyed tasting some delicious pancakes…