Children in Need 2023.

Nursery have been celebrating and supporting Children in Need today. The children watched a short video about Children in Need and the causes which the charity raise money to support. The children learned that the causes are sick and poorly children, children who can’t afford to go to schools in other countries, children in need of extra emotional support and families who are really struggling financially. We have helped the cause by “lending a helping hand” and donating a pound. We celebrated with themed activities and the joy of being able to come to school.

Sharing our Stories: 17/11/2023

Beautiful Work This Week

Rail City

From Market Town to Railway City – The Railway Journey that Helped to Shape Doncaster.

This is an updated collection of all the beautiful work created over the last few years by students across the XP Trust schools, inspired by the centenary of the Flying Scotsman and the railway heritage of Doncaster.

This book has given us an opportunity to update the original content of the many rail expeditions, with quotes from experts and our community about the importance of railways, the steam engines built here and the ongoing rail-related business here that will help shape the future of rail.

Published to coincide with a centenary celebration visit from the Flying Scotsman, we humbly hope that this book, created by our students and a new generation of rail enthusiasts, will become part of our railway story.

Norton Infants march for Askern CRY Foodbank

XP Gateshead: ‘Unheard voices of WWI’ broadcast on Memory Lane Radio

XP Doncaster: ‘Do Your Bit’ Radio Broadcast

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Tranquil Tuesday Reading Crew 📚

The children enjoyed bringing in their favourite books from home. They talked about their favourite part of the story. It was so nice hearing the children sharing their love of books…

Tuesday Reading Crew

Nursery this morning have been sharing their love of reading by talking about books that they like to read. Crew Leaders have routinely modelled how to hold a book correctly, highlighted key features of the book including the title, blurb, pictures and words. The Children responded by sharing with their Crew what they think the words tell us? “Words tell things”, “A story” and “facts”. We all took time out to enjoy our own stories or share one with a friend. To close the session we finished with our daily nursery rhyme.

Odd Socks Day!

To raise awareness of Anti-bullying Week and to highlight how we are special and unique, Nursery took part Odd Sock’s Day! We all wore our bright and wonderfully different socks to school and talked about their patterns and pictures as part of our Monday Crew. Beautiful work to support and Be Kind to one another.


Nursery have been taking part in Maths Week England. Starting with todays challenge of making Triangular Art. Each child decorated their own triangle, thinking about the shape of a triangle; how many sides it has, how many points it has and that it is a 2d flat shape. The children did careful counting to three to check these key features.

Our second stage of the challenge was to make larger triangles… I wonder how many of our small triangles will we need? The children had a go at arranging the shapes to make a triangle. I then modelled, if we use three, we can make a larger triangle. The children followed instructions and copied to help make a larger piece of floor art.

Can you guess what we have created using triangles?

Great work Nursery, you have been Exploring Elephants, Persevering Parrots and Challenge Chipmunks today! Bring on the next challenge.

Rangoli Maths

This morning in maths we reminded ourselves of what a Rangoli pattern is and why we see them around Diwali time. They are to welcome Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth.

We then used our 2D knowledge to analyse some patterns before completing them.

Beautiful Maths everyone x

Odd Sock Day 2023

Class Five have got involved in Odd Sock Day today. It is a day when schools, workplaces, and individuals join together to show that it’s okay to be different.

We used our early work time to design some funky odd socks too!

Well done Class 5 🧦

Diwali Celebrations!

Over the past week Nursery have also been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali, celebrated as “The Festival of Light”. We had an Expert Visitor come into Nursery to read our key text “Chapatti Moon” by Pippa Goodhart and model how to make Chapatti’s with the children after our first attempt to grapple with chapatti making didn’t quite go to plan – it is harder than it looks! The children had lots of fun making their chapatti with Mrs O’Donnell and used their listening ears to carefully follow instructions.

Just look at our beautiful work….

Nursery were also immersed in lots of different provision throughout the week to demonstrate how Diwali is traditionally celebrated. We learned lots of new vocabulary, such as Diva’s, Rangoli, Mehndi, Nann, Poppadoms and Spices. The children had lots of fun exploring, experimenting, tasting and creating.

Brilliant learning Nursery, celebrating other traditions and cultures! You have been Go For It Gorillas, Persevering Parrots and Teamwork Tigers.