We have some special visitors…

The children in EYFS are very excited by the arrival of 14 chicks that are two to three days from hatching!

We are going to be watching them very closely to see if we can see any eggs with cracks or wobbling meaning the chicks are starting to make their way out into the world. It’s going to be great fun looking after them over the next two weeks!

Red Nose Day Fun!

Nursery have enjoyed a day of Red Nose Day themed fun and learning. We have used our motor skills to fish for red items in the water tray, decorated Red Nose Biscuits, designed, cut and made superhero masks, made funny red rose faces on sticks and taken part in a special red nosed themed crew with the parachute practising our teamwork skills. All of the children looked amazing in their red clothes and especially designed T-shirts for the school competition, raising money for such a good cause.

Animal Cruelty v’s Kindness.

During our Thoughtful Thursday Crew this week, Nursery were thinking about animal cruelty following on from our learning about how we can care for animals. The children experienced a toy dog fastened inside a cage, who was crying and whimpering. It was cramped and dark. The children empathised with the dog and were outraged about how he was been treated and his needs not been met. The children consolidated their learning by suggesting what the dog would need to meet his needs, make him happy and live a healthy lifestyle. Some children even linked the dogs emotions to our zones of regulation, suggesting that the dog would be in the blue and red zone.

The children showed kindness towards the dog and suggested that ”he should be let out” and “allowed to play” and ”go to the toilet” or ”have a drink and some food”. We decided to rescue the dog and when the children let the dog out, Nursery cheered. The children wanted the dog to live with our other toy dogs in our tuff tray with comfortable surroundings. ”He’s now in the Green Zone” one of the children remarked. Amazing work Nursery!

Red Nose Day Competition 🔴

We have been so impressed with the t-shirt designs around school today. Below are the winners from the different classes, voted for by the children. Our overall winner, picked by Mrs Ponsonby is . . . Brooke!

We will make sure all of our winners get their prizes on Monday morning – well done everyone!

Thank you to everyone who wore red, designed a shirt or made a contribution to Comic Relief.

Mrs Parsons xx

Science Week

We had a great morning celebrating Science Week during our stay and learn session. We made some experiments, looked at how the colours change. We enjoyed making the life cycle of the butterflies and string telephones.

Caring for our pets 🐶🐾

In expedition this week we have been thinking about how we care for living things. In our crew session this morning the children thought about what a dog needs to be happy and healthy. They came up with some great ideas. 💡 Great team work skills too! 😁

Reception’s Celebration of Learning

Today the children in EYFS celebrated all the fantastic learning that has taken place during their latest expedition titled ‘How do things grow and change?’. This was perfectly timed with this week also being National Science Week.

Over the Spring term the children have taken part in three different case studies exploring how humans, plants and animals develop over time. We worked hard learning about what we need to know and do to keep our bodies healthy and how to best care for other living things so that they can grow too.

At our celebration event parents and carers enjoyed creating cress seed plants with the children before moving on to look at the beautiful work in their learning journals.

At the end of the session children were able to take home their final product which is a personalised daffodil plant and a length of ribbon cut to their height at the start of the expedition. It was amazing to investigate whether the children have grown since we created the ribbons during Hook Week.

The Celebration of Learning this afternoon was a wonderful way to close a fantastic expedition and a brilliant opportunity to praise our smart and hard working children.

Science Week and Celebration of Learning in Nursery.

Science week went hand in hand with the culmination of our expedition on “How do things grow and change?” So we combined the two celebrations and it was great! The children show cased and shared their learning and beautiful work with their families. Together they experimented with planting cress heads and making bird feeders.

The children shared their learning journeys displaying work from over three case studies which were as follows; How can I help my body to grow? What happens when we plant a seed? And What happens to animals as they grow?

And took home their final products, a Daffodil in a hand decorated pot, tied with a ribbon of their size at the beginning of the expedition. Just look at our beautiful work!

Kindness is everything 💞

Today a little girl in Class 1 chose to make something for another child in our class, something she knew he would like. She made him smile so widely and it really touched my heart. Be kind, always xx