KS1 expert visitor

Today we were very lucky to receive a visit from Mr West, our local Baptist Minister. He came to speak to us about harvest time and also to speak about the local heroes who work at the food bank in Askern. It made us think about all of the things that we are grateful and thankful for.

We had a great morning and thank Mr West for spending time with us.

Crew Champions

We launched our brand new crew champion awards in our Community Meeting today! It was lovely to hear crew leaders and children talk about each others howls and character traits.

Well done to our first group of recipients including our Miss Tinker!

We are looking forward to next week already!

Mrs Parsons xx

Reading for pleasure in Crew

A lovely start to our day in Year One, sharing our love of books. Harper said reading this morning has made her “feel happy”, Teddi said his book was “exciting” and Quinn said reading with her friend made her feel “calm”.

Crew buddies

We have had a wonderful time this week meeting our crew buddies from Year 6. They visited our class and read us a lovely story. Today we have came into their classroom to share some yummy biscuits with them.

What a perfect Friday

We have had a wonderful day celebrating our beautiful work. This week we have been very busy playing our phonics screening games, reading alien words and lots of tricky words. We all did a fantastic job! Today we have had a party with our aliens enjoying music, dancing and cooling down in a shade.

We love sharing good stories

We love reading and sharing stories with our friends. Every morning we take turns to read a book in front of our class. We are very kind and we praise children for trying their best, supporting each other and reading with enthusiasm. We love our class reading crew!

Walking to school challenge

We have had a really fun week walking to school and completing our daily mile challenge. Well done everybody for your incredible effort. We have earned some lovely stickers, biscuits and juice. Freya has received a special certificate for walking to school every day all the way from Askern. Well done Freya.

Outdoor learning

We had lots of fun counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. We used different objects to make groups and used some mathematical language to describe our thinking. We loved writing in our class and in our choosing time some children created some lovely stories.

This week in Class 4

We have had a great week working incredibly hard on our writing, maths and phonics. We worked in our teams sharing facts about King Charles. We had a special treat from Year 6 children who visited us and read us a story. They gave us some biscuits for our beautiful spelling.