Castle Life

What a great day! Everyone made such a great effort with their costumes – it’s very much appreciated grown ups – thank you.

We then spent the rest of the day moving around four different classrooms completing different workshops. We did a health and hygiene session, an entertainment session, Knight training and a food tasting and prep room.

Great job, Mrs Parsons xx

You all worked so hard class 5,

** FAO Year One and Two **

Dress Up Day – Immersion Week

As part of our immersion week, we are asking the children to come to school on Friday 9th September dressed as someone who may have lived or worked in a castle – people like servants, kings and queens, princesses, court jesters, knights etc

Please don’t feel you need to spend lots of money on these at short notice, it may be a costume you already have at home, a mask you can print and make from the internet or there are lots of crafty ideas online too. As part of our immersion week we will be making crowns etc also, so every child will be involved.

On this day, we will be doing lots of fun activities relating to our new expedition – we will make sure we share lots of photographs and videos so that you can see what we get up to.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Mrs Parsons and Key Stage One Team xx

Hot Seating Zog

In our reading lesson this morning, we decided to hot seat one of the characters we have been reading about – Zog! I was really impressed with the children’s questions and the answers our ‘Zogs’ gave!

Great job year two.

Mrs Parsons xx

Crew Quiz

We had a great morning in year two, working together to try and win the crew quiz! We had questions about chocolate, book characters and even emojis! We all did brilliantly – but the winning crew was …. CREW GOODYER!