It’s been a strange first day back . . .

I was terrified opening the door this morning! I’m usually met with lots of smiling faces but this morning this scary bunch turned up!

We had a great time doing lot’s of different spooky activities – our favourite was the mummy challenge!

A book look with a difference . . .

Miss Tunney and I have had the most lovely day! We wanted to see and hear about all the amazing learning going on across our campus, so rather than sit in our office flicking through work, we invited the owners of the exercise books to share their work instead.

We have had children in our early years reciting We’re Going on a Bear Hunt with actions, students in key stage one sharing some fantastic knowledge about castles and how their expert visitor helped them towards answering their guiding question, lower key stage two being so enthusiastic about their core text, The Lion and the Unicorn and finally year five and six explaining how clear and specific critique has helped them to improve their work into versions they are incredibly proud of.

To all of those children who shared their learning with us, thank you. It was a real privilege to hear about your learning so far this year. You all spoke confidently and showed real enthusiasm for your expeditions and the beautiful work you are producing.

Mrs Parsons and Miss Tunney xx

Football Festival Champions

Our determined team of year 2s set off to Campsmount this afternoon for the football festival. We are so proud of them, not only did they behave impeccably, but they acted with great sportsmanship. 

They also won every game they played and returned to school champions with a beautiful new trophy and their medals! 

A huge thank you to Mrs Wojcik and Mrs Thurman for accompanying them. (and cheering very loudly! 📣)

You are all great ambassadors for Crew Norton. 

Mrs Parsons xxx

Puzzle Time 🧩

Class Five did a great job this morning completing their jigsaw puzzles to discover what the core text for our science case study is going to be.

I wonder if they could retell the story to you at home?

Mrs Parsons xx

Extended Study

We have been so impressed with the beautiful work that has been done at home. We have had fieldwork with families, crafting and researching. Keep bringing it in and sharing with your crew – it’s great to keep learning from each other.

Mrs Parsons xx

Mental Health Awareness Day 2022 💚

Today is World Mental Health Day, in class five we spent sometime listening to some videos about mental health and we talked about what we do in crew everyday to support our mental health. We then decided to take ten minutes away from lessons for our own mental health – we went outside and appreciated what is around us.

We looked at clouds, listened to wind and the birds and even caught some bubbles.

It was a beautiful way to start the afternoon – we have pledged to do it more often 💚

Castle Life

What a great day! Everyone made such a great effort with their costumes – it’s very much appreciated grown ups – thank you.

We then spent the rest of the day moving around four different classrooms completing different workshops. We did a health and hygiene session, an entertainment session, Knight training and a food tasting and prep room.

Great job, Mrs Parsons xx

You all worked so hard class 5,