Tranquil Tuesday

This morning we shared a story called Ruby’s Worry. We talked bout where our happy places were and we discovered that it’s usually people or animals that make them special to us. We also thought about who we could share a worry with because we all get worries every now and again.

It was lovely to see how supported and loved we all feel ❤️

Mrs Parsons xx

Jam Sandwiches

I needed some help this morning making a jam sandwich for my breakfast, after a few attempt class five came up with some great instructions to help me.

They even managed to make and enjoy their own delicious sandwiches following their instructions.

We discovered that time conjunctions and imperative verbs are crucial to a good set of instructions.

Great work class five,

Mrs Parsons xx

Mindful Monday

We started our morning with a walk around our school grounds. We chatted, listened to the birds and looked at the wildlife.

Autumn said it made her feel peaceful, calm and free. Eva said it was a calm start to the week. Charlie said it was nice to be quiet and chat to his friends. Katya said she would have enjoyed it more without the rain!

What a lovely start to our day!

Mrs Parsons xx

Class Five Cafe

This morning we have been learning about the eat well plate and thinking about all the different components of a balanced diet. We had lots of meals to label and evaluate how much of a balanced meal it was and what elements of the meal were missing.

Awesome job Class 5!

Mrs Parsons xx

Compassionate Crew

I have been blown away by the thoughtful and compassionate discussions that happened in Crew Parsons this morning. Today marks one year since the start of the war in Ukraine. We watched the video below and discussed how the children will have been feeling and how lucky we are to live in such a diverse world. We also thought about all the different ways we could help people feel safe and loved in such a scary situation.

We followed that with a minutes reflection.

Feeling sleepy!

Strange goings on in Class 5 today – everyone is feeling sleepy and forgot to put their uniform on! They have told me it’s because they are raising money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital ❤️

Class Connections

We have been thinking in crew today about all the different things that make us unique – we then realised that all of those things that make us special help us to make connections too.

Just look how connected we really are with our class five jigsaw.

Mrs Parsons x

Expanded Noun Phrases

I was so impressed this morning with class 5 in English. We haven been looking at model descriptions of The Green Ship and decided that it would be good to include adjectives and expanded noun phrases in our writing. Today we have been working collaboratively to generate some great ideas for us to include in our writing tomorrow.

Awesome work class five!

Mrs Parsons xx

Tranquil Tuesday

This morning in crew we shared a lovely story called The Invisible String. In the book the characters think about all the people they are connected to in the world.

We decided to have a think about all the connections we have and made our own invisible string web – we felt very loved and supported in our crew today because of all of our special connections. ❤️