Year One Sports Morning

What a beautiful morning it was for our annual sports day. The children took part in events such as hurdles, javelin, dribbling the football, long jump, egg and spoon race and our favourite….the sack race! Every child tried their very best and all enjoyed competing in the events. It was a very close competition – the blue team were the winners with the orange and yellow teams coming a close second and third. We ended the morning with a special ice lolly treat kindly provided by FONCA. We all had a great time!

KS1 Fieldwork

We have had an amazing day. We started with a walk around the grounds at Cusworth Hall and enjoyed taking part in the history trail. We spent some time at the top of the hill seeing which Doncaster landmarks we could spot – we found Doncaster Minster, the Frenchgate, Doncaster Royal Infirmary and the Eco Power stadium too. We then skipped, hopped, rolled, ran down the great big hill – it was exhausting getting back up the hill though!!

The coach then took us across the city to the Eco Power Stadium. On the way we spotted more Doncaster landmarks we saw a mosque, Doncaster Train Station and lots of restaurants that we recognised too! When we arrived at the stadium we had lunch sat in the seats overlooking the pitch followed by a stadium tour and a PE lesson. We were very excited to meet Donny Dog too.

We had an absolutely fantastic day – it was great to see lots of the landmarks that we have found out about over the course of our expedition.  

Celebration of learning

We have had an amazing week working extremely hard on our phonics and reading. We loved playing ‘Obb and Bob’ game showing our enthusiasm and great knowledge of phonics. We ended up our busy week with a celebration of learning. We enjoyed dancing, singing and having fun with our friends. Well done Year 1!

We are artists in Year One

Over the last few weeks we have been working hard to develop our art skills. We have worked on our line drawing, pattern and texture techniques as well as colour mixing and shading. We are extremely proud of our pieces of art that represent some of the landmarks in and around Doncaster.

Spots and Dots

We had a great community meeting this morning. We thought really hard about resilience and bravery particularly when it comes to completing beautiful work that we might find tricky.

We listened to the story called The Dot about a little girl called Vashti who found art difficult but worked hard and succeeded. We all got a dot of our very own to create our own mini piece of art work which we put together to make our very own dotty masterpiece.

We finished our community meeting with crew champions – we are really proud of all of you.

Mrs Parsons

Mayor of Doncaster

We were so lucky to end our week with some more experts. We welcomed Mayor Ros Jones along with the Civic Mayor of Doncaster. We loved learning about their roles and finding out even more about Doncaster. We are looking forward to using our learning to answer our guiding question for this term – Diverse Doncaster – Where do I belong?