Castle experience day

On Tuesday we had an amazing day taking on the roles and jobs of people that lived and worked in castles:

We visited knights training school, a castle kitchen, an entertainment room and also took on the role of cleaners. We also made and tasted bread and vegetable soup. We all had the best day and are now using this day as inspiration for our writing in the coming days.

Designing our own shields

Today we have been designing our very own Coat of Arms. We have some very colourful and detailed designs. We have enjoyed describing the content of our Coat of Arms in our Class 3 crew.

All about castles

This week we have had some great experiences and activities to begin our expedition ’What lies within the castle walls’.

We really enjoyed a visit from our expert Mr Lamb. He taught us lots of new information about castles and let us throw ’rocks’ at castle walls to see which castle is the strongest when attacked.

A huge thank you to Mr Lamb – we had a great morning.

Tell me a dragon…..

We have had an exciting Hook Week so far in Year One. A dragon came to visit our classroom….

We have also been designing and describing our very own dragons……..

** FAO Year One and Two **

Dress Up Day – Immersion Week

As part of our immersion week, we are asking the children to come to school on Friday 9th September dressed as someone who may have lived or worked in a castle – people like servants, kings and queens, princesses, court jesters, knights etc

Please don’t feel you need to spend lots of money on these at short notice, it may be a costume you already have at home, a mask you can print and make from the internet or there are lots of crafty ideas online too. As part of our immersion week we will be making crowns etc also, so every child will be involved.

On this day, we will be doing lots of fun activities relating to our new expedition – we will make sure we share lots of photographs and videos so that you can see what we get up to.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Mrs Parsons and Key Stage One Team xx

Moving up . . .

It’s been transition day today – we’ve had a great day getting to know each other.

We have played games, made things and got crafty. There have been lots of smiles, chatting and hard work.

Miss Tinker and I are already looking forward to next year 🌟

Mrs Parsons xx

PS. We can’t wait to see your crew bag challenges in August! 📩


This week Class 3 have been working hard on their Victorian school day diary entries. Today they have critiqued their work ready to make improvements.