Golden Rules

The Golden Rules

Here at Norton Infant School we all follow The Golden Rules. The Golden Rules are the moral values, which along with our REACH values, develop the ethos of our school. They are displayed in various places around school and are reinforced through Circle Time activities, assemblies and the PSHCE curriculum. We use The Golden Rules to encourage positive behaviour. The children are awarded Golden Tickets and Headteacher awards for following the Golden Rules and other appropriate school rules.

The Golden Rules are 6 moral values that all members of our school community follow to ensure our time at Norton Infant School is happy and productive. They are:

Do be gentle, do not hurt anybody

Do be kind and helpful, do not hurt people’s feelings

Do work hard, Do not waste your or other people’s time

Do look after property, do not waste or damage things

Do listen to people, do not interrupt

Do be honest, do not cover up the truth