Open Wide and Say Ahhhhh! 🦷🪥

Today the children in EYFS were visited by Kirsty and Ellie, a dentist and dental nurse, who delivered a workshop on how to look after our teeth. We discussed why it’s important to brush our teeth for two minutes twice a day and played a game which prompted us to think carefully about which foods help to keep our teeth healthy. The children also loved getting a sticker at the end! 😀

This workshop has supported children in answering our expedition question ‘How do things grow and change?’. For the next two weeks we are continuing to explore how our bodies develop from birth and how we can make the best choices to help them grow. Today we learned that brushing our teeth is a great way to start!

Preparing Healthy Snacks

Class 2 have been very busy chopping and slicing vegetables to eat as healthy snacks. They tried carrots, radishes, cucumber and peppers. Some children tried vegetables that they had never eaten before and really enjoyed them!

Class Two Meet Baby Nathaniel

This week we are hooking into our spring term expedition ‘How do things grow and change?’. To launch this we had a very exciting visit from Baby Nathaniel who came into school with his Mummy to meet all the children in Class Two. Nathaniel is only 9 weeks old and needs a lot of love and care from his Mummy which is something we learned all about this morning.

We had a wonderful time hearing all about the things that babies can and can’t do and what a Mummy uses to look after them and help them to grow. The children loved finding objects hidden inside a baby’s sleeping bag including a bottle, dummy, muslin, toy, book, nappy and blanket.

Looking at all of Nathaniel’s things lead to a brilliant discussion on whether the children still use those objects or if they need different things now they are older.

The children were very calm and gentle with Nathaniel and really enjoyed meeting him this morning. He will be coming back into school again at the end of our expedition so we can see how he has grown and changed in that time. We are looking forward to it already!

Hooking in to our spring term expedition…

Today we welcomed the children back into Class 2 by starting to hook them into our next expedition. A doctors surgery has been set up in the classroom and the children have loved role playing many different characters. We heard creative narratives from the patients about their ailments and observed very kind behaviour by the doctors and nurses looking after them. The receptionists worked hard recording patients appointments in the book and answering their phone calls. It’s been great fun!

Wriggly Nativity Superstars!

All the children in Nursery and Reception sang their hearts out during their performances of Wriggly Nativity this week. It was wonderful to see them perform so confidently and share the good news of Christmas with their loved ones ⭐️

Here are some photographs of children in Class 2 enjoying wearing their costumes during our dress rehearsal 😀

Back to Back, Face to Face

This week in Class 2 we have been trying out a new strategy to help us ‘think, pair and share’. The children start this activity by standing back to back with a friend. I then ask them a question such as ‘how are you feeling this morning?’, ‘what are you looking forward to doing at school today?’ or ‘can you remember the tricky word we learned in phonics this week?’. The children have some silent thinking time and then when they hear me say ‘face to face’ they jump round and share their answers with their partner.

The children have engaged in this activity really well and it has had an impact on their ability to speak aloud about their thinking and listen carefully to others. Well done Class 2, you are working hard and getting smart!

Christmas Lunch 🎄

Today we all enjoyed eating Christmas lunch together in the dining hall. There were lots of happy faces and full tummies 😋 Miss Tunney and Mrs Ponsonby were also in the festive spirit serving everyone their dessert.

Class Two’s Celebration of Learning

It was so exciting for Class Two to take part in their first ever Celebration of Learning with their parents and grandparents this week. The children have worked incredibly hard answering this term’s expedition question ‘How Can We Care for the Bears?’. Why not check out our expedition website here where you can find out all about what we got up to…

We are so proud of our final product and hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

The children certainly deserved to take home their own teddy bear as a lasting legacy of their hard work this term. Well done Class Two, I can’t wait to see what the next expedition has in store!

Building Bear Caves

Today we had great fun building dens that we imagined were caves for bears – just like the one in our key text We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Our visiting expert Chris demonstrated to the children the skills they needed to use and then set them off to work in three teams. The children worked collaboratively using garden canes, tie wraps, tarpaulin and stretchy tubes to create their caves. They were so engaged, enthusiastic and really enjoyed the physical challenge of building something together… even in the pouring rain!