Easter Maths Hunt 🥚🪺🐑🐝🐣🦆

This week Nursery have been reading “We’re Going On an Egg Hunt” by Laura Hughes. In the story the bunnies find 10 eggs and some problematic characters along their hunt. Nursery role played the story as part of their maths work this week, as they have been exploring how to describe a familiar route.

The children used the repeated story language from the text to describe how they moved around their route and through the springtime characters. When we arrived back at Nursery, closing out the “Big, Bad Wolf”, the children attempted to simply explain their route around the outdoor area, using familiar landmarks as markers of their journey. We drew large scale maps to help consolidate their understanding. The children used words such as “behind”, “inside”, “past”, “next to” and “through”.

WOW! What fine heads of hair we’ve grown…

Nursery have been mini scientists recently growing cress heads to help them learn about nurturing and tending to plants to understand what they need to grow. The children have been watering them and observing the shoots over the past week. They will be thrilled to see the huge growth over the weekend! Beautiful Work!!

Nursery’s Celebration of Learning!

What a beautiful day Nursery have had sharing all of their learning about our current expedition titled, “Once Upon a Time”. They have been exploring various texts to answer our guiding question “Who is hiding in the pages of this book?”

The children performed both of the songs that they have learned during this expedition; “Trip, Trip Trap” and “The Gingerbread Man Song”. One of which will be embedded within a QR code that will live inside storybooks gifted to the children and the local Askern Medical Practices as a legacy to our expedition. These books will be available for children to use and read for pleasure with their parents whilst waiting for their appointment at either surgery.

The children then shared their Learning Journeys with their parents and carers, who were encouraged to have a stay and play. We enjoyed buns and biscuits to celebrate all of our hard work and our parents and the children were very proud of their achievements. Well Done Nursery! Next stop…. Summer Expedition! Exciting times.

We are “Sprouting Scientists!”

This week Nursery have been learning about growing and caring for plants through our story “Christopher Nibble in the Dandelion Derring Doo!” By Charlotte Middleton. In the text Christopher and the other Guinea Pigs eat all of the dandelions in Dandeville and are forced to eat cabbage as a result. The guinea pigs don’t really like cabbage, so we thought we would offer help by growing them some Cress Heads!

The children enjoyed scooping the compost and sprinkling the seeds into their pots, before using the watering can to water their seeds.

Some of the earliest planters cress from during the week have already began to sprout! The children will continue to care and nurture their plants in Nursery until the end of the term, watering them and changing their position for the most sunlight. Hopefully they will grow into big cress heads, fit enough for the Guinea Pigs to eat (or humans 😉), be lovely on a Dandelion Salad!

What a page turner World Book Day was!

Nursery had the most wonderfully fun Wonka themed World Book Day! There were visits from Willy Wonka himself, who sang and dished out chocolate bars to all! Two lucky children even won a golden ticket to choose a prize from Wonka’s Chocolate factory. The children arrived in their beautiful story inspired costumes and what a range we had! A fantastic effort from everyone.

Nursery explored and played with special book themed play trays, including popular stories and nursery rhymes. They also coloured traditional tale colouring sheets of some familiar characters from our recent expedition.

Nursery also had lots of DEAR (Drop everything and read) time with grown ups sharing our favourite stories that children had brought in and some of our own, including two special stories from “Mystery Masked Readers”. The children listened carefully and had to guess who was hiding behind the masks?

We really did have the best World Book Day yet!

Building Bridges…

Nursery this week have continued to study the traditional tale of The Gingerbread Man. We have been investigating “How can we help the Gingerbread Man to cross the River?” We noticed the point in the story, in which the Gingerbread Man runs into trouble; having to cross the water whilst everyone is chasing him. Some of the suggestions given by the children were; “A boat”, “An aeroplane”, “A bridge”, “Another animal”, “A frog” and “A submarine”.

The children used photos of various types of bridges from around the world as inspiration and material to create the water. They then constructed their bridges either alone or in small groups working collaboratively and added their own details. Just look at our beautiful work! The story language which the children used as they tested out the bridge with a Gingerbread Man, was amazing!

Run, Run, As fast as you can….

Nursery have been working hard baking something scrumptious today! Can you guess what our story of the week is?

We hope they don’t run off before we have the chance to decorate them….

Phew….They didn’t! Just look at our beautiful work.

Next Nursery used there cutting and sticking skills to sequence main events within the story. They continued to use the words “First, Then and Next” to order their ideas and events just like during our baking and decorating.

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes.

During the week commencing 19th February Nursery celebrated Pancake day through the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancake’s by Jan Fearnley, linking to our expedition by immersing ourselves in Fairytale characters. This story is an alternative view point of Mr Wolf’s behaviour, as he is portrayed as a kind, polite and reasonable character, whilst the other fairytale characters are not being very kind to him as wouldn’t help him in any way to make pancakes, even though he was being kind and polite to them.

The children thought about their own experiences of Pancake Day at home and shared those special memories, thinking about whether or not they were helpful to their families?

Mr Wolf needed a recipe to help him make the pancakes, so Nursery investigated what a recipe is? They shared the recipe for the pancakes during reading crew and looked at the ingredients and equipment needed to make pancakes, just like Mr Wolf. The children then worked in small groups to make pancakes and could choose from various toppings including, Orange and lemon juice, sugar, syrup, honey and chocolate spread. Nursery surprised everyone and tried new things on their pancakes, many choosing Honey. They were yummy!

Nursery also role played the story, working in Old Mother Hubbards Shop and creating pancakes in the play dough and outdoors. Great work!

Ready, Steady, Read! 📕

Over half term the children took part in a sponsored reading event in partnership with Usborne Books. Their challenge was to read as much as possible and in an unusual or exciting place. We have loved sharing their photographs and Miss Tunney chose Pippa Evans as the winning entry. How exciting to read in the cockpit of a plane!

We feel extremely grateful to the children and their families for raising a phenomenal £3303!

This money will be used to buy new library books for our schools. Thank you so much!

Celebrating Chinese New Year.

The week commencing 05/02/24 Nursery were exploring their latest text within our expedition Once upon a Time – Who is hiding in the pages of this book? We were looking a comparison of the traditional tale of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, through a text titled “Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas” by Natasha Yim. This story is a celebration of oriental culture made accessible to children through a traditional tale. The Children really enjoyed learning about the differences between the bears in the story, Goldy Luck and Goldilocks and the Chinese culture overall, which made great links for the celebration of Chinese New Year.

Goldy Luck, Mr and Mrs Chen had rice porridge known as Congee in their adaptation of the story, so the children played and investigated rice in the sensory tray. They filled red containers and and practised picking up Pom poms with chop sticks building their fine motor skills in our finger gym.

We then researched Panda Bears by looking at non fiction texts in our Tuesday Reading Crew using the text “ A Book of Bears” by Katie Viggers. The children learned where Pandas come from, where they live, what they eat and what they look like. We used this information and other stimulus to produce beautiful artwork of Panda faces.

Children experimented with Chinese dining within our role play area, sitting on floor cushions and using tweezers and chop sticks to eat pretend noodles in their role play. Nursery also had a Chinese food tasting crew on Thoughtful Thursday, during which they tried a number of new foods including noodles, Sweet and Sour Sauce and Prawn Crackers. Most of the children liked the noodles 🍜 and had second helpings. Some of the words used to describe the sweet and sour sauce were “Spicy”, “Tingly”, “Sweet” and “Hot”.

Nursery explored traditional Chinese dress and took part in their own traditional street parade. The children split into two groups and played a range of instruments and took turns to march and dance, exploring various levels in pairs using Chinese dragons. What beautiful work they produced!

Throughout the week children created various paintings of a Chinese theme including dragons and lanterns as it is officially the year of the dragon, 2024. This got us thinking about the year of the children’s birth which was for most the year of the Rat or some the year of the Ox. We watched of short video/puppet show about the ancient myth of how the Chinese calendar came to exist and the order of the animals by year. The children took part in an online tutorial modelled by myself to draw a rat 🐀, representing the year of their birth. The results were awesome, we have some budding artists.