Celebrating Chinese New Year.

Last week Nursery children celebrated the Chinese Lunar New Year. They watched a video about the celebration and learned about the importance of various symbols within Chinese culture, such as the colour red, fireworks and the animals that represent each year within the Chinese zodiac calendar. They also learned about traditions within the culture that are carried out in preparation for the celebration.

The children experienced some real Chinese decorations and artefacts gifted to us by one of our community members, who spoke about them proudly in Crew. All of the children listened carefully and were very interested to look at the materials.

All Nursery Children then explored Chinese New Year further within provision. They were Go for it Gorillas using fine motor skills to manipulate chopsticks to pick up woollen “Noodles”. Some created a Year of the Rabbit, bouncing rabbit, others painted beautiful pictures of Dragons and Chinese symbols used to represent numbers. We sculpted dragons and noodles using play dough and experimented with traditional Chinese dress in the role play area. We even tried Prawn Crackers with Sweet and Sour sauce too at snack time. I think everyone had lots of fun and brought themselves lots of luck for the Chinese New Year.

Vegetable tasting in Nursery

Today in Nursery we tried a variety of vegetables the colour of a rainbow, as part of our expedition on “How do things grow and change?” Most children were very brave and adventurous trying some vegetables for the first time and others that they are more familiar with. They were asked to choose three as we are practising counting to that number this week. The vegetables included; Cucumber, Red and Yellow Peppers, Radish and Carrot.

Nursery shall remember them.

Nursery have been thinking about Remembrance Day this past week to honour our British Values. The children have learnt about what a poppy is and why we wear poppies; to remember and honour the fallen, the veterans and the serving soldiers and armed forces around the world. Here’s our contribution… Just look at our beautiful work!

Expert Den Building Visitor.

Nursery had a great time building bear caves as part of our expedition on How we care for the bears. We all used great listening, teamwork and problem solving skills as we constructed bear dens in small groups. We tested our bear dens suitability for shelter by mimicking the weather using a watering can for rain and blowing on the dens for wind. We were very proud peacocks!

Nursery rescues a Hedgehog!

Nursery found a hedgehog this morning asleep in our playground. It was far too cold and dangerous to leave him there, so we offered him warmth and shelter. The children really enjoyed meeting the creature and researching what hedgehogs eat and how we could look after it. The children found out that hedgehogs shouldn’t be out at that time of day and that it will soon be the time that they need to hibernate for winter in warm autumn leaf piles. We had a hedgehog story and watched a fact file for young children about British Wildlife. A day well spent we’d say! We are learning to be kind and get smart too.

Nursery’s Condolences to a wonderful Queen.

Today Nursery spent some time thinking about the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. We watched the sketch with her favourite bear – Paddington and talked about why our own bears are so special to us as part of National Teddy Bear Day. Then the children made beautiful sympathy cards as part of our British Values to commemorate the Queen. May Her Majesty rest in peace.

Sharing our favourite soft toys and teddies.

Our sympathy Cards

Norton by the Sea

A huge thank you to all of those families who attended our Norton by the Sea celebration of learning this afternoon.

Below is a link to a little video of the event.

We would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill in this GoogleForm to give us a little bit of feedback to make it even better next time.


Thank you,

EYFS team

Norton by the Sea

** FAO Nursery and Reception Parents**

We would like to invite you to a celebration of learning for our Summer term expedition: What happens where the sea meets the shore?

Our Norton by the sea day will take place on Thursday 14th July. We would like to invite you to join us between 1.30pm and 3.20pm. During that time you and your child will be able to spend time with their friends and visit the hot dog, ice cream and sweet stalls. You can also take part in other activities such as face painting and bouncy castle fun for which there will be a small charge. We will also have paddling pools to splash in and you may even get chance to soak a teacher!

We have also been learning a couple of seaside themed songs to treat you with. 

Please feel free to bring a picnic blanket, chairs or any snacks and soft drinks that you may wish to share with your friends and family. 

We are looking forward to celebrating your child’s learning with you ☀️🏖