Sharing our Stories: 26/05/2023

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Green Top Staff Crew: Mental Health Awareness Week

Lest We Forget – how does war change lives?

The Second World War may feel like several lifetimes ago to some of us, but there are still thousands of people for whom it was a lived experience,  something they will never forget. 

Years 3 and 4 in all the Primary Schools across our Trust, have through their recent expedition Lest we Forget: How does war change Lives? examined the lives of local people and national figures – all of whom have stories that deserve to be shared.

Four beautiful books have been created, capturing times both traumatic and remarkable.

From Pat Grainger, who lives in the centre of Doncaster and remembers the Corn Exchange cellars being used as an air raid shelter, or Harry Hewitt who as a child helped the war effort by being a runner – delivering messages between the Home Guards. 

The research for these books has been thorough, the original poetry and illustrations adding so much to the work that has become a valuable and treasured resource of stories from a time past, but part of our history and community. 

A visitor shares their story!

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