Reception’s Celebration of Learning

Today the children in EYFS celebrated all the fantastic learning that has taken place during their latest expedition titled ‘How do things grow and change?’. This was perfectly timed with this week also being National Science Week.

Over the Spring term the children have taken part in three different case studies exploring how humans, plants and animals develop over time. We worked hard learning about what we need to know and do to keep our bodies healthy and how to best care for other living things so that they can grow too.

At our celebration event parents and carers enjoyed creating cress seed plants with the children before moving on to look at the beautiful work in their learning journals.

At the end of the session children were able to take home their final product which is a personalised daffodil plant and a length of ribbon cut to their height at the start of the expedition. It was amazing to investigate whether the children have grown since we created the ribbons during Hook Week.

The Celebration of Learning this afternoon was a wonderful way to close a fantastic expedition and a brilliant opportunity to praise our smart and hard working children.