Please don’t forget both Norton Infant School and Norton Junior School will be closed to children tomorrow and Monday ( 25.11.22 and 28.11.22).

Schools will be open as normal on Tuesday 28th November.

Thank you

On the look out for an expert …

Our next expedition in KS1 is going to be all about keeping ourselves healthy. We are going to be thinking about:

  • Keeping our bodies healthy (exercise, looking after our mental health, eating healthily etc)
  • Growing food (gardening, planting and growing our own vegetables and herbs)
  • Cooking (preparing and making our own simple recipes)
  • Supporting local food banks and soup kitchens.

As always, we are on the lookout for some experts to come and speak to the children. If you or someone you know thinks you could help us out, please let me know.

It would be greatly appreciated.

Mrs Parsons xx

** FAO Year One and Two **

Dress Up Day – Immersion Week

As part of our immersion week, we are asking the children to come to school on Friday 9th September dressed as someone who may have lived or worked in a castle – people like servants, kings and queens, princesses, court jesters, knights etc

Please don’t feel you need to spend lots of money on these at short notice, it may be a costume you already have at home, a mask you can print and make from the internet or there are lots of crafty ideas online too. As part of our immersion week we will be making crowns etc also, so every child will be involved.

On this day, we will be doing lots of fun activities relating to our new expedition – we will make sure we share lots of photographs and videos so that you can see what we get up to.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Mrs Parsons and Key Stage One Team xx

Welcome Back

Good Morning everyone,

It’s one week until we get to open our doors and welcome you all back – we are really looking forward to it. We just wanted to clarify a few things to put your minds at rest.

Nursery parents – you have all already received a letter confirming your start dates and times as these days are slightly different to the rest of main school.

Reception and Key Stage One – you are starting back on Tuesday 30th August, for full days – our doors will be open at 8.40 until 8.50 – we will have staff around the first few days to point you in the right direction if you’re not sure (if you arrive after this time you will enter through the main entrance and will receive a late mark). The school day ends at 3.20 and you collect your child from the same door which you dropped them off.

Children will need to bring a clearly labelled water bottle, also could we please ask that jumpers are labelled too. Anything else they need, we will provide.

Finally, PE days will be confirmed by your class teacher during the first few days and you will be added to your new class dojo pages too during that first week.

We hope you’ve all had a lovely summer and are looking forward to coming back.

Crew Norton Infant School

If your child is currently in Nursery or Year 2, you will need to apply for a place in Reception and Year 3 for September 2021. The closing date is Friday 15th January.

Please follow the links below and complete your application as soon as possible. If you do not apply before 15th January you may not get a place at your preferred school.

Doncaster primary admissions

Doncaster Council’s online platform for School Admissions

Free School Meals Update

Free School Meal provision during Covid – 19

All eligible parents should now have received your email regarding the vouchers for your child’s Free School Meals. Please check your emails and you haven’t received your voucher contact school on [email protected]  to enable us to support you with resolving any issues.

Vouchers are provided nationally by a DfE approved company called Edenred and all details have been entered into the system by XP Trust on our behalf.

Please note this is for eligible benefit related free school meals families only and not those who receive universal free school meals – this is not yet supported by the DfE.

As per the DfE guidance, if you send your child to school during this period because you are a critical worker, we will provide a mid day meal for your child.

If your circumstances have changed you can apply to see if you are eligible for Free school meal vouchers during this period here.

Thank you, stay safe

Miss Tunney


COVID-19 update from XP Trust

Update from XP Trust 18.03.2020

Good Evening, 

After the UK Government’s announcement tonight we would like to update and clarify our plans on the Coronavirus situation, as from (today) 18th March 2020.

We confirm that we will continue to support our school community by:

From 23rd March 2020, 

  • Keeping our schools open for the children / students whose parents work as ‘key workers’, defined by the government as NHS staff, Police and Delivery Drivers, more details to follow on this.
  • Opening the schools for children / students who have a Social Worker and/or Education, Health and Care Plans
  • Ensuring children / students who receive Free School Meals will be able to access the schools to collect a free Meal provided by the school (further details to follow from the schools themselves)

For children / students who have been asked to stay at home by the UK government, we can confirm that:

  • Our curriculum is now online for all children / students to access at home. 
  • Every school in the Trust will send details by the end of the week, on how everyone can access these resources
  • Every school in the Trust will have plans in place to touch base with their children / students throughout the closure period, they will communicate this to you

For those parents whose children will continue to come to school on Monday 23rd March, please could you support the schools by ensuring:

  • Your children / students wash their hands before they come to school and when then get home
  • You keep the communication between home and schools open via email, websites and phone calls 
  • Follow the government guidance on household self isolation 

Schools will continue to send out updates where the situation changes and for your reassurance and information.


As always the usual lines of communication to schools will be open if you have any specific concerns related to your child or circumstances.

Thank you for your support at this time,