The Easter Story

At the beginning of the week Nursery read “We’re going on an Egg Hunt” by Laura Hughes. The story explores fun themes of bunnies finding Easter eggs and encountering various springtime animals along the way. Nursery then began to explore the real meaning of celebrating Easter, learning about the crucifixion of Jesus and that Easter Sunday is not just the day that we all enjoy chocolate eggs, but is traditionally known as the day that Jesus rose from death and appeared to his friends and mother. The children grappled with the child friendly version of the story and explored themes of Jesus having “magic spiritual powers”. We played pass the parcel to consolidate the children’s understanding of the story and to see what they could remember using biblical props such as coins, fish, bread and a cross as the prizes inside the bag.

Both Nursery groups did very well at remembering and responding to the story, showing great empathy and compassion towards Jesus. Well Done, beautiful work!