Pirate Positioning! ☠️

Last week Nursery explored positional language, such as; “On top”, “Behind”, “Under” and “In front of” as part of expeditionary learning, whilst exploring the Maths based text “10 Little Pirates” by Mike Brownlow (as part of our ongoing expedition “What happens where the sand meets the shore?”) The children practised counting backwards in the theme of the story and sang along to the song version of the text as a hook into where our friend Pirate Pete maybe hiding. The children used a sentence stem like; “Pirate Pete is on top of the Treasure Chest” to explain his position on the pirates map. Here are a few of the examples….

”Pirate Pete is on top of X marks the spot”.

”Pirate Pete is on top of the big sea shell”. “Pirate Pete is stood on top of the crab”.

”Pirate Pete is behind the Palm tree”. “Pirate Pete is hiding behind the photo”.

”Pirate Pete is behind the Stingray”. “Pirate is laying behind the treasure box”.

“Pirate Pete is under the Mermaids”. “Pirate Pete is under the big sea monster”. “Pirate Pete is swimming under the mermaids”. “Pirate Pete is under the shell.”

”Pirate Pete is in front of the whale.” “Pirate Pete is front of my head”. “Arghh leg”. “Pete is in front of the treasure chest”.

The children also took part in a pirate hunt, finding the pirates which matched the wanted posters at the front of Nursery. When they found a pirate they had to match it to the poster and say how many golden coins their reward would be.

Following a more artistic theme the children were inspired by Reception’s drawing of the “10 Little Pirates” characters in the style of Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty. Therefore we followed the same drawing tutorial and created “Wanted” posters of our own. The children did an amazing job.