Habitat Gallery Walk

Today Nursery took part in a sea habitat gallery walk as they explore all of the different environments that sea creatures can be found in, live in and thrive amongst.

The children learned about the most familiar places such as the sea and an aquarium, whilst also discovering what a sea sanctuary hospital and a rock pool are. We watched and exciting video about what a rock pool might house, in preparation for an awesome, surprise experience later this week! Finally Nursery listened to the story “Billy’s Bucket” by Kes Gray, which tells of a little boy who would like a bucket for his birthday. However inside the bucket is another world – a rock pool world! We spoke about what we would like to see inside our buckets, if we had one like Billy’s. Some of the suggestions were; “shark”, “whale”, “a mermaid”, “Two little dogs”, “a unicorn”, “a stingray”, “a starfish”, “an octopus”, “a crab” and much more! What great imaginations, just like Billy’s!