Boat building

As part of Nurseries on going investigations into our current expedition, ”Would you travel by wheels, wings or other things?” This week we are exploring boats. We began by reading the text “The Boy Who Sailed the World” by Julia Green. We have learned about lots of different types of vehicles that move on water including; sail boats, cruise ships, ferries, hovercrafts, submarines and canoes.

We have began to create our own boats from recycled pop bottles, with sails made from recycled paper, just like the boy in our story. The children have independently constructed their boats and secured the sails using play dough. They have then predicted whether their boat would float or sink?

Nursery then tested them in the water tray. Some of the boats floated, whilst others sank as they “tipped”. Some of the words the children used to describe why, they thought the boats had tipped were ; ”Sail is wonky”, ”it’s (sail) too big”, ”it’s not a right shape (sail)” and ”the play dough was too heavy and tipped it”. Great investigations, I’m looking forward to seeing more throughout the week!

P.s. Check out our flashing Torpedo’s too! They are great fun, they light up and glide through the water, lets hope they don’t blow up our boats!