We are “Sprouting Scientists!”

This week Nursery have been learning about growing and caring for plants through our story “Christopher Nibble in the Dandelion Derring Doo!” By Charlotte Middleton. In the text Christopher and the other Guinea Pigs eat all of the dandelions in Dandeville and are forced to eat cabbage as a result. The guinea pigs don’t really like cabbage, so we thought we would offer help by growing them some Cress Heads!

The children enjoyed scooping the compost and sprinkling the seeds into their pots, before using the watering can to water their seeds.

Some of the earliest planters cress from during the week have already began to sprout! The children will continue to care and nurture their plants in Nursery until the end of the term, watering them and changing their position for the most sunlight. Hopefully they will grow into big cress heads, fit enough for the Guinea Pigs to eat (or humans 😉), be lovely on a Dandelion Salad!